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WILPF history featured at Peace History Conference 2014

WILPF’s history provides the basis for the original show, Common Ground, being performed at the 2014 Peace History Conference on Saturday 11 October at 1430. The drama is based on original accounts of women who went to The Hague International Women’s Congress in 1915 and is performed by women from the Speaking in Tongues Theatre Company.

UK WILPF is attending the conference and will have a stall with leaflets, postcards and more information about our work.¬† The theme of this year’s Peace History Conference is Alternative Voices of World War One: the courage of their convictions.

Organised by the Movement for the Abolition of War, the International War Museum and the International Peace Bureau, the event’s purpose is to tell the stories that are mostly ignored in history books of people and projects who have worked to bring peace to the world.

Saturday 11 October
Imperial War Museum
Lambeth Road
London SE1

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