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Orpington Branch

Our Branch covers members in a wide area of south-east London and Kent. We invite speakers on a range of issues to our meetings and members can join in our lively discussions. Orpington WILPF provides a forum where WILPF’s aims can be explored and we involve ourselves in WILPF’s campaigns wherever possible.

The branch is currently meeting on Zoom about once a month, but members without computer access are kept in touch by letter.

One advantage of Zoomis that we can reach a wider audience and any member who is not currently on our mailing list but would like to join our meetings would be welcome.
Contact: Pat at

Forthcoming events

02/08/2021 @ 7.00 PM: Orpington Branch meeting – via zoom

We have invited Cecilia Passaniti Mezzano to talk to us about how WILPF can make a difference in the world, using our influence nationally and internationally, particularly through its links with the United Nations.

In this talk, Cecilia will present her academic work on UN Peacekeeping Operations and accountability to the survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) at the hands of UN Peacekeepers. Cecilia will provide a brief introduction to the UN Women, Peace and Security Agenda, under the umbrella of which her academic work sits.

Trigger Warning: Whilst the talk will focus on the need to instate effective remedies for survivors and will try to avoid graphic language around sexual violence and other crimes of a sexual nature, the content of the talk will touch on impunity and lack of care for survivors and therefore may be triggering to some.

Contact Pat (see above) to receive the Zoom Link.