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Are You Concerned About ...

The rising number of armed conflicts around the world

The absence of women during conflict resolution and peace negotiations

The struggle for survival of the highest numbers of refugees ever, worldwide (most of whom are women and children)

Multi-national organisations exerting too much influence over our everyday lives, for example by exploiting workers, increasing the wealth gap between the Global North and South, and degrading the environment

Increasing environmental effects of armed conflicts

Billions spent on building and maintaining weapon systems and facilities when millions of people in the UK and worldwide lack healthcare, education, social services, food, water and housing


Who We Are

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is the oldest international women’s peace organisation active today.

Members with the Nobel Peace Prize

What We Do

WILPF’s mission is to prevent and end war through the analysis of root causes; ensure that women are represented at all levels in the peace-building process; defend the human rights of women and men; and promote social, economic and political justice.