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The WILPF Trust is a registered charity, independent of WILPF UK.

There are benefits to being a charity! The Trust can access online fundraising platforms, making fundraising quick, easy and accessible, for human rights objectives. And Legacies left to the Trust, for human rights objectives, are not subject to inheritance tax.

The WILPF CHARITABLE TRUST was founded over a decade ago, primarily to help and support WILPF UK with awareness and fundraising in relation to Human Rights and particularly Women’s Rights. However, like all charities and trusts, it also must maintain independence from WILPF UK. The Trust has provided funds for a number of WILPF UK projects since it was founded in 2009. It has also supported a range of women’s organisations over the years, such as Women’s Aid and Crossroads. For example, the WILPF Trust has helped women travel to international conferences. It can support activities, in accordance with international Human Rights conventions and declarations, such as the following: 

  • monitoring abuses of human rights
  • obtaining redress for the victims of human rights abuse.
  • relieving need among the victims of human rights abuse.
  • research into human rights issues.
  • educating the public about human rights
  • providing technical advice to government and others on human rights matters.
  • contributing to the sound administration of human rights law.
  • commenting on proposed human rights and related legislation.
  • raising awareness of human rights issues.


The Trust can make donations, campaign with other organisations, fundraise, or act as a conduit for funds raised by WILPF and other organisations.  WILPF UK can apply to the Trust for grants relating to those of its activities which fall within the remit of the Trust.  The easiest way to support the WILPF Trust on a regular basis is by signing up to Give As You Live  which fundraises for the WILPF Trust through online shopping.

Should any WILPF member use the Trust for fundraising, they should ensure that trustees know what the money is for, so that it can be clearly ringfenced for WILPF.

For more information about the WILPF Trust, contact Deirdre Leask, Secretary.    

Our Charity Commission Number is: 1136098