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WILPF’s mission is to end and prevent war; ensure that women are represented at all levels in the peace-building process; defend the human rights of women and men; and promote social, economic and political justice.

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WILPF UK is focusing a three year campaign on four strands of the women, peace and security agenda:


Human Rights

Women, Peace and Security

Environment and Militarism

Please get in touch and get involved. We’d love to hear your ideas for strengthening our work towards peace and equality.


Gender injustice is the greatest human rights injustice in the world because it affects all aspects of life - health, the judiciary, family, etc. It is global in its reach and millennial in its duration. Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty, speaking at Feminism in London conference, 2015

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Poem read in tribute to Jo Cox: Brave Woman

Brave Woman She is the bravest my eyes have ever seen A lion bows, in shiver and fear I am on my knees for I can not believe A woman so beautiful, among us she breathes… I offer this world and everything within to her feet… I say proudly that I will protect her with fists… She smiles, then...

Understanding violence against women – our latest Train the Trainer day

Well done everyone! Training the trainers! UK WILPF and its affiliated group Voices of African Women (VoAW) recently held a successful Train the Trainer day that focused on understanding violence against women and ways in which to use relevant national and international legal frameworks. Travelling from around the UK, women from a number of different diaspora groups attended. UK...

How often women’s involvement in one campaign seems to lead inevitably to taking on another and then just one more! The Women, Peace and Equality exhibition at the LSE library

I am recommending a tiny but eye-opening London exhibition! It’s free, open to all and hosted by the LSE library at 10 Portugal St until 9 April. Entitled Women Peace and Equality, one part of the exhibition emphasises how women have consistently promoted peace. It highlights both the founding of WILPF and our recent campaigning work, particularly outlining our...

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