Campaign with us!

WILPF UK is focusing a three year campaign on four strands of the women, peace and security agenda:


Human Rights

Women, Peace and Security

Environment and Militarism

Please get in touch and get involved. We’d love to hear your ideas for strengthening our work towards peace and equality.



Meet us at Lush Oxford St 15 September – 17 September, London

Walk for Peace 21 September 2017, London

Women’s March 21 January 2017, London.

Gender matters in international peacekeeping. 19 November in London

WILPF UK Bristol presents #BristolFemaleLeaders. 19 November in Bristol.

The International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. 11am – 1pm, 25 November in Brighton.

Reclaim the Night. 25 November in Cornwall.


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Gender injustice is the greatest human rights injustice in the world. It is global in its reach and millennial in its duration. Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty, speaking at Feminism in London conference, 2015

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UK WILPF stands in solidarity with women in North and South Korea

UK WILPF sends greetings and support for conciliation to all Women in both North and South Korea. Fear of the Other is really dangerous, especially when it is backed up by costly and very dangerous weapons. Money spent on armaments could so easily be re-used to improve the lives of women and families. We acknowledge that we have all...

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