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WILPF UK is focusing a three year campaign on four strands of the women, peace and security agenda:


Human Rights

Women, Peace and Security

Environment and Militarism

Please get in touch and get involved. We’d love to hear your ideas for strengthening our work towards peace and equality.



2018 Connect Day, 15 April, London

UK WILPF 2018 AGM  – 14 April, London

Workshop on campaigning for UK to ratify the TPNW – 7 April, London


Gender injustice is the greatest human rights injustice in the world. It is global in its reach and millennial in its duration. Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty, speaking at Feminism in London conference, 2015

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UK WILPF marches against violence against women

Saturday 10th March, UK WILPF were among thousands of women who marched through central London demanding an end to violence against women. The Million Women Rise march is now an annual fixture the Saturday after International Women’s Day, with this year being the march’s 10th anniversary.  As we marched, we sang and chanted “What do want?… Safe streets….” and...

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