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National Executive

UK WILPF is run by an elected National Executive Committee. Each year we elect our new executives at our AGM, which usually takes place at the end of March or beginning of April.

We hold 5 Executive meetings a year at our office in London 11am to 4pm, which any member can attend. This takes place on a Saturday.

In November we hold our Autumn Seminar, therefore over the past few years we have found it useful that the Executive meet on the last Saturday of October to discuss late minute preparations.

By the end of the first week of December we send a letter to all members with information about the date of our next AGM, any AGM Resolutions and a nomination form for the next year’s Executive.

The Executive is also charged with compiling the Annual Report. The deadline for items to be submitted from members for the report is the first week of January. The report will be sent to members 3 weeks before the AGM.

For more information about our National Executive download our UK WILPF Year 2018 -2019 document.

UK WILPF 2018 – 2019 EC, April 2018

Meet our 2020 – 2021 National Executive Committee 

Paula Shaw – Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator – Elected

Anne EggletonTreasurer – Elected

Savannah DysardCommunications LeadElected

Cecilia Passaniti MezzanoMembership Secretary – Elected

Marie-Lyse Numuhoza – Communication Mentor – Elected

Jenny EngledowBrighton Branch Rep and Finance Group, Branches Coordinator – Elected

Lucia St JohnCornwall Branch Rep

Helen KayScottish Branch Rep

Claire CollenNorwich and Norfolk Branch Rep

Monica AidooVoices of African Women – Elected

Keyet MakonenVoices of African Women – Elected

Alex MurrellExecutive MemberElected

Mariam SulimanExecutive Member – Elected 

Harini IyengarExecutive Member – Elected 

Maki KimuraInternational Liaison; Lead on 1325 – Elected

Taniel Yusef – International Liaison, Lead on Disarmament – Elected