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Lobbying the UK Government

WILPF advocate for matters relating to the Climate Crisis, Disarmament, Women Peace and Seecurity, and Human Rights. Below you can find and read the letters we have sent to the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament to encourage change and support new policies.

We suggest you use these as a template to lobby your local Member of Parliament. You might already have the address and email of your MP. But if you don’t,¬†¬†helps you find out all the details by just checking your postcode.

UK Government must halt the horrors unfolding in Gaza – April 2024

Use of AI military systems against Palestinians – March 2024

Concern about COP Lobbyists and Fossil Fuel Licenses – January 2024

NO to Unleashing and Accelerating Violence in Yemen – January 2024

Take Action to Stop Genocide in Gaza – November 2023

UN Global Oceans Treaty – November 2023

Uphold the UN Refugee Convention – October 2023

Support UN Resolution on Killer Robots – September 2023

Don’t backtrack on Climate Policies – September 2023

Support the High Seas Treaty – September 2023

Proposed Refugee Legislation – March 2023

COP27 and Fossil Fuels – October 2022

Act for Climate Justice – September 2022

Ukraine Call to Action – February 2022

Afghanistan – August 2021

Afghanistan Letter – GAPS – August 2021

Palestine and Israel – May 2021

Yemen Ceasefire – April 2021

Myanmar Military Accountable for Violence Against Women – March 2021

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (Entry into Force) – October 2020

DFID and FCO Merger Concern – July 2020

Overseas Operation Bill – November 2020

Non-Proliferation Treaty – April 2018

Condemn Syria Air Strike – April 2018

Women detained in Yarl’s Wood

Ratify the Nuclear Ban Treaty

North Korean Missiles

Vote in favour of NPT

Where are the women in Syrian peace negotiations

Act for Middle East Peace