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Write to your MP

Campaigning takes many actions to be effective. Researching, blogging, talking to your neighbours, joining a peaceful march, picketing, you name it. But we all know we need our elected representative voting with us and for us in Parliament.

In this page, you will find templates to write to your Member of Parliament (MP) about the causes we care deeply about.

How do I find my MP?

You might already have the address and email of your MP. But if you don't, helps you find out all the details by just checking your postcode.

How can I send the letter?

We have written the templates to make it easy for you to simply copy them, and the relevant details to the text in bold and send them to your MP.

You can choose to add your own personal message to your MP. You can do so by typing it directly in the email text.

For any queries, please contact our Communications Lead: