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Brighton, Hove and District Branch

Brighton, Hove and District Branch
Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF
Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF
We generally meet monthly at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, all dates are confirmed by email and a newsletter. We are a busy group wanting to be ‘on the streets’ to keep up the focus on the issues that WILPF campaigns on, and we have had exhibitions in the Jubilee Library. We have a stall at the International Women’s Day event in Brighton on 8th March or the nearest Saturday. These are the days we can usually be found on the Old Steine talking to people about whichever day we are there marking. 15th May we have an event which varies, to mark Conscientious Objectors Day. 4th June we have a stall to mark International Day for Children as Victims of War. 26th June we have a stall to mark the International Day for Victims of Torture. 6th August Hiroshima Day, Nagasaki victims also remembered- we have a commemoration event in Queens Park in Brighton during the evening, which includes speakers.
11th November– we have a short event at the War Memorial with a speaker and we tie white peace poppy wreaths on the railings. 25th November we gather for a vigil to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Of course some members are working and not able to come along to be on the stalls or attend events and meetings, but we are always pleased to welcome those who can and we keep everyone informed of what we are up to. We have other events with speakers to raise funds and non members come along to listen and support us. We often invite like minded groups to join with us, such as Amnesty International, The Quakers and Campaign Against The Arms Trade and this works well, just as we sometimes join in with their events. For further details email Previous events >>>

3 thoughts on “Brighton, Hove and District Branch

  1. Robin Oram says:

    Just a message to inform you of the death of Lady Frances Joan Oram born 27/10/1928 died 19/07/2022. Mum always told me how horrified she was when her mother showed her the news of the bombing of Hiroshima. She was so proud of the fact that she had managed to go, with my dad, on the first Aldermaston march and right up until the end of her life she always told me if she had dreamed of marching to Aldermaston. She helped organise many local marches in the Brighton area in the 60s and 70s and right up until the end as she suffered through Alzhiemers you always knew where mum was because many is the time I walked through a hospital corridor guided by the shouts of ‘Ban the Bomb! Ban the Bomb!’ coming from her bed.
    I had promised to take her to this years Hiroshima commemoration at the Peace Statue, and she was really looking forward to catching up with old friends. She would have wanted WILPH to be represented at her memorial which we are planning to hold at her home, 19 Ridgeside Ave, Patcham on the 14th of August and if you could bring along any banners representing your organisation that would have delighted her.
    I have emailed you my contact details.
    I will miss her and the world will miss people like her.
    Robin Oram.

  2. Hi
    I am curating a group art show themed around earth guardianship at a gallery space on Ship Street and would like to stock some of your Climate Justice Pamphlets to give away on our small reception area – would this be possible?

    1. Admin assistance says:

      Hello, thank you for you interest. I have passed your email onto the Brighton Branch Officer, who should be in touch shortly. In peace.

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