Brighton, Hove and District Branch

Brighton, Hove and District Branch

Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF
Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF

We have meetings each month unless we have some event taking place, in which case that will replace the meeting.

We meet at the centrally located Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.  Our meetings are held at 6.00pm and last for 2 hours and currently we hold them on Tuesdays.

If you want to contact our branch the secretary is Jenny Engledow.  Telephone 01273 239301  E-mail

We have several events throughout the year, some to to mark particular days, such as International Women’s Day or Hiroshima Day. We respond to current events and maybe have a vigil or are part of a demonstration in the town. Some of us take part in national demonstrations that relate to our campaigns, and we have 2 fundraising events each year, one in the summer and one in the winter. We often work with other like-minded groups.



11th November

We will mark this by laying a poppy wreath in the afternoon. which we will hold in the afternoon. We hope to have the choir to sing and to display the Guernica banner. Join us 2.00pm at the War Memorial, Old Steine, Brighton

25th November

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we will have a candlelit vigil in town.

Join us 4.00 – 5.00pm at the Old Steine, Dolphin Fountain, Brighton. All welcome



Brighton, Hove and District report for executive meeting 12th May 2018

We held our AGM and the treasurer remains in her position, still struggling with the Metro bank to open an account, which they assure her will happen soon.

I also remain in place as branch secretary, there seems nobody wanting to take this role on either. I shall also be the representative on the executive and feedback and forth. We were both thanked for the work we do.

We had a speaker from the Women’s Equality Party who was one of the founders and so had a very clear idea of what it is all about. The party is open to suggestions on various issues, they do not expect to take over governing the UK but want to ‘raise things onto the agenda’ and hopefully keep them there until a satisfactory resolution. It is a rapidly growing party with 70 branches! Their aims and objectives are much like ours and I imagine many future events where our banners will be seen together.

We made plans for future stalls and events,


Tuesday 15th May, Conscientious Objectors Day,  Film showing of Hacksaw Ridge, 6.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.


Monday 4th June 11am-1pm International day for Children as Victims of War we shall have a stall on the Steine by the war memorial in the town centre.


Tuesday 19th June at 6,00-8.00pm Branch meeting at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.


Monday 16th July -22nd July WILPF Exhibition at Jubilee Library.


Monday 6th August Hiroshima Day evening commemoration in Queens Park, Brighton


Sunday 19th August Fundraising Garden Party, at member baroness Joyce Gould’s home, speaker to be confirmed.



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