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Share our manifesto for the general election

We have worked hard to compose a manifesto for the upcoming General Election (July 4th) that encapsulates WILPF’s aims and principles in the context of the situation in the UK today. This is our campaign for the next period of time, and we hope that our members and others will be involved in it.

Below you will find our manifesto as well as four different two-sided leaflets that highlight our main requests to a future government.

We hope that you can find your local candidates on the internet here and send a copy of the manifesto and the different leaflets to any candidate you think is relevant.

You can print all these yourself or you can ask us to send you printed copies in the quantities you can use. Contact You can also share the downloaded copies via email.

You may also be able to attend a local hustings, or any public election meeting, or you may have a local summer festival where you can give out the leaflets

We shall also be mailing as many candidates as we can with our manifesto. Please let us know how you get on with this campaign at

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