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Write to your MP: on Palestine and Israel

Dear [Insert the name of your MP],

My name is [Insert Name] and I am a constituent of [Insert constituency].

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, founded in 1915 to seek reconciliation between warring countries in Europe, continues to work tirelessly for peace and upholding human rights. As a women’s organisation we are conscious of the fact that women suffer disproportionately in warring situations and rarely are consulted before action is taken. We seek constantly to ensure that women have a place at negotiating tables.

Whilst we deplore the vicious attacks in Israel/Palestine on both sides we point out that the relentless encroachment of Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands and the threat of forced eviction of families causes fear, hardship, and provocation. There is a great disparity in scale between attacks by Palestinians and those of heavily armed police. Protest against eviction has been met with extreme violence from police and the military. The attack by heavily armed Israeli police and military on Palestinians praying in the Al Aqsa Mosque was particularly shocking. We point out that the UK government has contributed to the conflict by granting licenses for arms valued at more than £400 million to Israeli forces during the last four years.

We urge our Government, to insist that Israel cease the demolition of Palestinian homes and the eviction of families, to cease the granting of licenses for the sale of arms to the Israeli forces to recognise the citizenship of Palestinians and grant them full human rights as equals. As well as to ensure that both Israeli and Palestinian women take part in negotiations for a peaceful end to the current violence.

In peace,
[Insert your name and address]