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Military expenditures vs Human Rights: You get what you pay for

WILPF International’s recent report, You Get What You Pay For, addresses the human rights implications of military expenditure.  Since the end of the Cold War, militarism has been growing in response to an increasingly unstable world. In 2013, the world’s total military expenditure was estimated to be 1.747 trillion USD, according to SIPRI.

While this signals a slight decrease in real terms overall and a small decrease in Western military spending, it also reflects a large rise of the rest of the world’s military spending. Against the background of recent and ongoing crises around the world, there is concern that military spending worldwide will increase further.

WILPF encourages the international community to reorient their military industries into peaceful gender-aware economies. Reallocating these resources helps create a context in which weapons and war are not always assumed to be the solution to every problem.  Read more from WILPF International >>>

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