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NFLA / Mayors for Peace / ICAN joint seminar

The NFLA Scotland Forum, UK and Ireland Mayors, Provosts and Leaders for Peace Chapter (part of Mayors for Peace) and ICAN UK groups are holding a Seminar ahead of Nae Nukes Rally on Thursday 20th September in Clydebank Town Hall, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland from 1pm – 3.30pm.

The Seminar will focus on Promoting nuclear disarmament and peace education.

Speakers include:
– Timmon Wallis on initatives by American cities to support the ICAN TPNW pledge and support nuclear disarmament.
– A member of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament.
– Sean Morris, NFLA / Mayors for Peace Secretary on its peace education work.
– Flavia Tudoreanu of CND Scotland / Peace Education Scotland of their recent ‘Generation Y’ peace academy.
Registration is open to Provosts / Mayors, councillors and council officers. It is also open to all NGOs and individuals interested in these issues, and we really encourage all those coming up to Faslane to also consider coming to Clydebank. I particularly encourage all Scottish based activists to register. Clydebank is close to Glasgow and not too far from the Faslane site. It regularly has nuclear weapon road convoys travelling through its roads.
Register your interest here.

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