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WILPF UK joins the Lakenheath Alliance for Peace

We have joined the Lakenheath Alliance for Peace, amongst growing plans to deploy US nuclear weapons to USA/RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

‘RAF Lakenheath is the home to the USAF’s 48th Fighter Wing, the only unit in Europe, which operates both the F-15E Eagle and the F-35A Lighting II fighter aircraft. USA and Israel are also using UK air bases to move weapons to Israel to be used in their war against Hamas in Gaza, Palestine. Jet fighters in particular and militarism in general fuel climate change.’

In attempt to try stop these US weapons coming to the UK we have joined an alliance of organisations and individuals to create a powerful objection.

We welcome support from the UK and wider global peace movement to help spread publicity and demonstrate to stop these nuclear weapons coming to Lakenheath!


March 26th: Launch of the Lakenheath Alliance for Peace. Putting up banners at the main gate of USAF (RAF) Lakenheath and conducting an interview with Anglia TV. After almost an hour of waiting and talking to the American guards and British MoD police and politely but firmly refusing to move, along came Squadron Leader Stewart Geary. He read out letter: carefully and said he would pass it on to the 2 US Commanders and would make sure we received a reply.

May 11th: Day of action. Don’t put the UK on the Nuclear frontline. Find out more here.

13th July – 25th July: Summer peace camp: We will start on Saturday 13th July in the centre of Norwich at the Town Hall and begin a walk/bike over 3 days to USAF Lakenheath and start the camp when we arrive on Monday 15th July. There will be inside accommodation as well as camping nearby and a continuous presence at the base throughout until the end of the camp on 25th July. Please contact us and let us know if you can come along and support in any way possible on the walk and/or camp. You can sign up here.

For more information and to get involved, contact

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