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Lorna Kellas Campaign Fund

WILPF UK received a generous legacy from Lorna Kellas in 2019 and has decided to establish a fund in her name. The Fund is to encourage new initiatives, campaigns and the attendance at conferences on behalf of WILPF UK. 

Not more than £2,000 will be allocated in one calendar year except where additional expenditure has been agreed at the preceding AGM.

Applications can be made at any time and should be addressed to the Secretary at

Terms and Conditions

  • Applications must be clearly related to our International Programme or WILPF UK campaigning priorities.
  • The fund is open to all WILPF UK members with a minimum of 12 months membership
  • It is expected that an individual grantee would remain involved with WILPF UK for at least two years after the award of the grant.
  • Maximum funding for any one grant will normally be £500 but we reserve the right to make awards of higher amounts.
  • At the conclusion of the activity, a report, a financial statement, and photos (if available) are to be sent to WILPF UK by email or mail

An application should include the following information: 

  • Description of the planned activity/conference
  • Purpose and objectives of the initiative. 
  • Date and duration of the proposed activity. 
  • A narrative statement regarding the financial need.
  • An estimated budget.
  • A short biography of the applicant or the campaign/branch etc
  • A brief statement explaining how the activity or the applicant’s participation at the event, will further the achievement of their and WILPF’s goals. 
  • A letter of nomination from the WILPF UK Executive Committee.
  • Two letters of reference from WILPF UK members. 

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