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UK WILPF condemns the recent action by the Israeli government in Gaza

UK WILPF has written a letter to the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson MP, condemning the recent action taken by the Israeli government towards the people in Gaza.  We request that the UK government:

  1. Condemns the action of the Israeli government towards the people of Gaza, especially the level of violence and the 59 deaths on Monday 15th May

  2. Summon Mark Regev, the Israeli Ambassador, to condemn the use of live ammunition against children and unarmed protesters and urge greater restraint by the Israeli troops

  3. Continue to back the UN’s call for an independent investigation into the violence:

  4. Launch a review of all weapons export licenses to Israel to ensure that British arms are not being used against children and unarmed protesters;

  5. Redouble efforts to end the 10-year blockade of Gaza which is causing so much harm to women and children especially.


You can download a copy of the letter to modify and send to your own MP here – Boris Johnson Gaza May 2018

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