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History (2021)


WILPF is the oldest international feminist organisation active in the world today, and we will be celebrating our centenary in April 2015. Read about our history and development as we look back on 100 years of accomplishments and hard work, learning from the work that has gone before and reaffirming our undiminished commitment to enduring peace with justice and freedom.

Along with other national sections across the world, in the UK we are bringing together the stories of our foremothers and the experiences and activities of our current members.  This major piece of research done by volunteer members reflects the amazing contribution WILPF has made to peace and freedom for a hundred years.

Read here how ‘These Dangerous Women’ matches the Scottish curriculum – Education booklet

Outbreak of War

Home Secretary Thwarts Women’s Plans of Travel

International Congress of Women

International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace

Criticising the Treaty of Versailles

UK WILPF Highlights 1915-2015

Heritage Lottery Fund History Project

2015 Centenary Congress

Early WILPF Women