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2015 Centenary Congress 2021

WILPF’s centenary Congress was held 22-25 April 2015 in the Academy building adjoining the Peace Palace of The Hague, Netherlands.  The Congress was attended by delegates drawn from WILPF’s membership.  The Congress was followed by a Conference, 27-29 April 2015, at the World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands.  The Conference was open to all.


News from the Congress

Anniversary video from WILPF International (approx 3 mins)

April 22 and the WILPF Congress opens in The Hague – WILPF International report here

Interview with the new WILPF President, Kozue Akibayashi

Short film clip of Congress participants on the steps of the Peace Palace

Cynthia Cockburn. Photo: Mir Grebäck von Melen

The WILPF Manifesto
Download the WILPF Manifesto here
Read about the making of the WILPF Manifesto
Cynthia Cockburn, author of the WILPF Manifesto reflects


Poems read at the closing of the centennial Congress

A Hundred Years for Peace and Freedom by Carmen Magallon Portoles: President, WILPF Spain
An untitled poem by Nirmala Siwakoti Sitoula, International Board member Nepal

Above photos: Mir Grebäck von Melen (centre) and Li Grebäck

The Guardian newspaper reports:
Centenary stand: female activists head for the Hague to set a new peace agenda
Shirin Ebadi: ‘If books had been thrown at the Taliban instead of bombs … we would not have Isis’
Peace activists at The Hague decry $1.8tn global military spend in 2014

Photo galleries from WILPF International
Images on Flickr
Images on Facebook
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We have lots of news for you but it will take a while to get it prepared.  In the meantime here’s some more images from the Congress.

News from the Conference

Opening of the WILPF 100 Conference – here
Video highlights from the Conference – here
The Public Manifestation “You Get What You Pay For”
On the second day of the conference we gathered outside the World Forum to show where we thought the $1.74 trillion spent in 2011 on global armaments should go.  Watch the video of this event here

Following the Conference delegations of women went to 11 embassies in The Hague to deliver letters calling for an end to military action in Yemen.  Helen Kay and Anne Scott of Scottish Branch delivered  a letter to the Saudi Arabia Embassy; Clare Walker and Caroline Freeman of Leicester Branch delivered to the UK Embassy.

Read the content of the letters and the embassies to which they were delivered.



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