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The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, known as COP28 is happening from 30 November until 12 December 2023, in Dubai

For the first time there is an official Peace Day (Health/ Relief, Recovery and Peace Day) at COP28.

WILPF has an international delegation including women from the region and WILPF’s hope for the UN COP28 is to create a shift in the narrative so that demilitarisation starts to be included in official UNFCCC outcome documents, as an essential component for climate justice.

Our understanding of demilitarisation entails the following: A reduction in military spending; the respect and implementation of international disarmament and arms control agreements; the uplifting of feminist analysis of our understanding of safety and security as including good state provision of health, education, housing, productive work etc; the prevention of conflict by addressing the root causes: investing in a care economy, including economic and social rights, and in the regeneration of the planet.

Win-win for climate and gender justice & peace: Acting on military spending and military emissions:

WILPF co-organised an official side event on 4th December, you can watch the recording below.

WILPF hope that with our advocacy we have increased awareness of the importance of demilitarisation for climate justice among civil society networks engaging with COP28 and for these networks to support, amplify, and include this messaging in their own advocacy, as well as join the working group on peace and demilitarisation.

WILPF hope to have established contact in Dubai at COP28 with relevant diplomats, policy-makers and other high-level decision-makers that may be suitable to champion this issue in the climate space moving forward.

Both of these outcomes are important to achieve our vision of the inclusion of demilitarisation in official outcome documents in a future COP.

WILPF hosted and participated in a wide range of events over the course of COP28, many of which have been recorded. If you missed them, find an overview with links below.

WILPF Events and Actions 

  • 30 November, Webinar — Abolishing Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Weapons: Live Update from COP28 and 2MSP!. Watch the recording here. 
  • 2 December, In-person event at the Women and Gender Pavilion — Brave Space: Developing a Feminist Vision for Demilitarisation for Gender and Climate Justice.” Watch a video from the event.
  • 3 December, In-person Action — Demilitarisation for Climate Justice “. View photos and video from the action.
  • 4 December, In-person official side event —Win-Win for Climate and Gender Justice & Peace: Acting on Military Spending and Military Emissions. Watch the recording here.
  • 6 December, In-person event at the International Climate Dialogue Pavilion — With military emissions now on the climate agenda, should global military spending be part of the climate finance and Loss and Damage debate? If so how?. Learn more. 
  • 8 December, Webinar— Some insights into COP 28: What is happening on the ground? Watch the recording here
  • 12 December, In-person event at the SDG Pavilion — Towards Sustainable Peace and Development: Demilitarisation for Climate and Gender JusticeWatch the recording here
  • 20 December, Webinar – WILPF Delegation Report Back from COP28. Watch the English recording here and French recording here.

Why can’t there be Climate Justice without Demilitarisation?

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