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CeasefireNow: Action For Palestine

At WILPF, we know that women and children are disproportionately affected by war, militarism and violence. We remain horrified by the escalation of violence and continued destruction taking place in Gaza and must continue to advocate for peace and lobby decision makers to take meaningful action, rather than allowing them to remain complicit in this mass violence and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

05/01/24 – Support for South Africa’s Genocide Convention case against Israel at ICJ

22/12/23 – ‘Ending Complicity in International Crimes – A Two Way Arms Embargo on Israel’

10/11/23 – Letter to the UK Government

25/10/23 – ‘Beyond Bloodshed’ by Janet Fenton

13/10/23 – WILPF Statement on the Escalation of Violence

Take Action!

In an attempt to support efforts to mobilise in response to the unfolding situation, we share some resources and guidance on what you can do to help stop the ongoing atrocities and loss of life, support demands for a just and sustainable peace, and act in solidarity with Palestinians:

Amplify Palestinian voices and demands: By sharing first hand testimonies, demands and supporting grass-root organising, we can amplify the voices of those most impacted by the violence and injustice.

Join mobilisations: Ask for the protection of civilian lives by joining mobilisations and doing actions and campaigns that are relevant locally. Advocate or the government, local councils and EU agencies to hold Israel accountable, including through imposition of economic sanctions, incremental restrictive measures, ban on arms trade, restrictions on individuals and companies involved in the settlements, and suspension of all security cooperation and free trade agreements with Israel.    

Oxfam Petition for ceasefire and Send your MP a voicenote from Gaza

Amnesty Petition for ceasefire

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Email your MP, Campaign Actions, National Events

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Action Alerts for Support of Palestinians

Donate and share donation campaigns to support the victims:

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Palestinian Red Crescent Society

Medical Aid for Palestinian

Palestinian Medical Relief Society

Counter disinformation and influence the narrative: In light of reports of disinformation and the spread of false narratives of the conflict, we are sharing with you a set of resources to help ensure that we all have access to accurate and reliable information.

List of Trusted Sources:

Media outlets

Trustful Palestinian Sources on Twitter:

Trustful Sources on Instagram:

Read statements and appeals of local Palestinian movements and international campaigns and organisations

Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling → Urgent Humanitarian Appeal: Unless The International Community Intervenes, The Death Toll Will Increase Dramatically in The Coming Hours 

Joint statement by Palestinian Civil Society Organisations → Palestinian Civil Society Organisations Call for The Protection of The Palestinian People

Joint statement by Palestinian Civil Society Organisations→License to Kill: Third States Disregard their International Responsibility to Act to Prevent Israel’s Violation of Jus Cogens Norms

BDS movement → Western Complicity in Apartheid Israel’s Brutal Violence Heightens Palestinian Resistance & International Solidarity

Madre → Peace Depends on Justice

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