Brighton, Hove and District Branch

Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF

Banner celebrating 100 years of WILPF

We have meetings each month unless we have some event taking place, in which case that will replace the meeting.

We meet at the centrally located Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.  Our meetings are held at 6.00pm and last for 2 hours and currently we hold them on Tuesdays.

If you want to contact our branch the secretary is Jenny Engledow.  Telephone 01273 239301  E-mail

We have several events throughout the year, some to to mark particular days, such as International Women’s Day or Hiroshima Day. We respond to current events and maybe have a vigil or are part of a demonstration in the town. Some of us take part in national demonstrations that relate to our campaigns, such as the recent ‘Wool Against Weapons’ campaign. We have 2 fundraising events each year, one in the summer and one in the winter. We have been very active this year (2014) presenting alternative views to the outbreak of WW1.We often work with other like-minded groups, for example, Amnesty International or the Gatwick Detainee Support Group etc, where we have been re-creating Picasso’s Guernica painting, in cloth with some updated images. It has been taken on demonstrations, and will be displayed at the Jubilee library from the 2 March until the 9 March 2015 when we have our WILPF exhibition to celebrate our 100th anniversary.


Forthcoming events

Sunday 13 November 2016, War Memorial, Old Steine, Brighton. 

Remembrance Day White Peace Poppy Wreath-Laying. We would like to invite you to join us at this above event to commemorate those women and men who have died in wars world wide, past and present and those who said ‘Never Again’. We will have a short commemoration with a few words spoken by those who wish to say something relevant to the message ‘No More Wars’. All welcome to this event.

Friday 25 November at the Old Steine Brighton, from 11am-1pm.        

International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. The Brighton, Hove and District Branch will have a stall to mark this important day. We will have banners and leaflets and hope to talk to people passing by about forms of violence that women suffer, including during warfare, in their homes, homeless women living on the streets, women in the sex trade, and more.

Monday 21 September

Event with the UNA – details to follow

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