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Crisis Response

During periods of transition or conflict, WILPF reacts by developing responsive projects. Currently, WILPF has three projects. They are:

The MENA Agenda 1325 project works to advance women’s rights and women’s participation by addressing peace and security issues in the region, as well as challenging increased militarism and analysing root causes of violence and insecurities.

The Women organising for change in Bosnia and Syria project focuses on the importance of taking into consideration existing experiences and empirical knowledge of women who went through an armed conflict and struggled for women rights, in an attempt to change the dominant narrative of women as victims. Through this project, we advocate for women’s rights to be represented at all levels in the peace-building process, we put the spot light on the peace activism of women during war, we defend the human rights of women and promote social, economic and political justice.

The Ukraine project aims to counter the dominant narrative of “pro Russia” versus “pro Maidan” camps, which has prevailed and informed policy so far. So far, the project has brought women from Ukraine to the Human Rights Council on two occasions to brief member states and conducted two visits to work with women’s organisations and internally displaced persons in Ukraine to better understand their perspective and analysis of the real situation.

UK campaign work:

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