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UNSCR 1325

HK: When I was reading about the history of UNSCR1325, and how that came about, it seemed to me that it brought about a change in way of working.

MR: What was really tragic about that – and this came out when we were doing the global study and its launch, it was to really change the way business had always been done, and instead they hijacked it. They hijacked it again to getting women into the military, counting numbers, and not doing the real grassroots work that needed to be done to make it transformative. We need to claim that back. What has happened since 1325 is that we lost the word ‘peace’. It wasn’t about peace it was about a different type of militarisation, the way they interpreted it. I think the various resolutions since then, and now with the global study saying, putting ‘miltarisation’ and ‘arms’ right back into the agenda, that should help to make a difference. The problem we have got again, is the changed environment to have that conversation because when the global study was written, yes, there were concerns about violent extremism but we were not where we are now. Full-on, Third World War.

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