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UK WILPF to join Women in Black’s Evening Vigil

UK WILPF, Million Women Rise and Southall Black Sisters are going to join Women in Black (WIB) in an evening vigil on Wednesday 7th March to mark International Women’s Day, which will take place the next day on the 8th. Our message for the evening will be women against violence.

WIB vigils are held around the plinth of the monument to Edith Cavell in St.Martins Place, London WC2H OHE, just opposite the entrance door of the National Portrait Gallery.

They start on the dot of 6 pm, and end on the dot of 7 pm. They are women-only, as silent as we can manage and if possible vigil goers are asked to wear black.

Although in principle we stand still for the one hour, it is fine that some less able vigillers bring a stool to sit on. Bringing a (black) umbrella is also not a bad idea!

Please feel free to bring your own banners, signage, leaflets etc. but bear in mind the proposals for the evening as follows:

  • The first placard is to have the names of our four organizations and (more boldly) “standing together to mark International Women’s Day, 8th March 2018”
  • The second placard, good and bold, would read: “Women say NO to violence and militarism, YES to peace with justice”
  • And the third: “End male violence against women and children. In peace, in war: no more!”

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