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Trans Inclusive Feminist Peace Activism

Building Trans Inclusive Feminist Peace Activism

Our aim is to build a Trans inclusive feminist peace activism, by addressing the organisation’s historically trans-exclusive approach to feminist activism and creating an inclusive welcoming space for us all to build feminist peace. Please read the information below to see how you can get involved in our upcoming reading groups and seminars which we hope will create a more inclusive organisation.

WILPF’s International Programme 2018-21 has committed to “maintain and grow WILPF as a safe, diverse and inclusive organisation to bring women together through membership”.  Recently, the concept of feminism has been increasingly challenged for its western, racist and heteronormative approach.  As an organisation that works toward feminist peace, we uphold that significant progress is not possible without the acknowledgement of diversity, intersectionality and equity within feminist activism.  We acknowledge that historically, WILPF has failed to represent and include transgender voices in its peace activism. Therefore, we are introducing our project, Building Trans-Inclusive Feminist Peace Activism.  

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope to pave steppingstones toward a Trans-Inclusive future of WILPF UK and beyond.  To achieve this goal, we will be hosting a series of reading groups and seminars, which we encourage each member to attend.  

Our reading groups will: 

  • commence at the end of October 2021 
  • involve a group discussion of each session’s reading, chosen because of how they explore transgender movements, stories and experiences.  
  • be prompted by discussion questions (sent in advance of each meeting). 

Following on from the reading groups, we will be hosting a series of seminars: 

  • commencing at the end of November 2021
  • inviting people from within the transgender movement to speak about their role in transgender activism
  • focusing on how transgender movements interact with the feminist movement at large so we can learn how as a feminist organisation and individual feminists, we can include and support transgender voices. 

We will email you again shortly with details regarding the readings, discussion questions, material access and dates for the reading groups.  We will also keep you updated with the speakers, topics and dates of the seminars.  We also point you toward a list of literature on Transgender activism which you may find educational and insightful: please click here for the suggested reading list.