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Support for Real Zero Europe

Ahead of the European Commission publishing plans for future climate legislation on February 6th, we have signed on as an organisation in support of a statement from Real Zero Europe calling upon the commission to support real climate action and denounce dangerous distractions and false solutions. Read Here.  

On February 6, the European Commission will publish two new communications on its plans for future climate legislation: (1) the new EU 2040 climate targets and (2) the new Industrial Carbon Management Strategy – focused on CCS-based technologies including BECCS & DACCS. 

These will pave the way for important legislation and future climate ambition in the European Union and beyond. It is critical to put pressure on European policymakers to commit to deep and urgent emissions cuts rather than relying extensively on dangerous distractions, such as carbon capture and removal technologies that will delay the transition away from fossil fuels.

The Real Zero Europe Campaign is a group of European, national, and international climate justice, economic justice, food and environmental organisations.

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