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PeaceWomen is growing!

PeaceWomen is a project of WILPF  International. Keep up to date with PeaceWomen as this international project grows. 

We are stronger together!

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We are stronger together! WILPF and PeaceWomen are merging their Facebook Accounts

Our community is growing!

PeaceWomen is WILPF’s programme dedicated to women, peace and security. Since 2001, it has shared online updates on the most recent developments in the Women, Peace and Security world – and as soon as it was possible, the Programme started its facebook page.

At the end of this month, PeaceWomen ( facebook page (  will merge into WILPF (  Facebook ( page ( . We will bring the Women, Peace and Security updates closer to the WILPF community. You will save time by finding all you need to know in one place.

Pages will be automatically merged.

If you were following both pages, only WILPF posts will continue to appear in your feed (but now with PeaceWomen news). If you were following the WILPF Facebook page, nothing changes.

We believe this change will make us stronger. Together we envision a world free from violence in which human rights are protected, where women and men are equally empowered.

Thanks for being with us.

Special interest in women, peace and security?
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