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Our Code of Conduct

WILPF UK Code of Conduct

Honouring WILPF’s history, visions & persistence and its principles and aims to achieve a non-violent world without war, its members commit to:

  1. Work in their community, with other NGOs, their governments, and the United Nations and its Specialised Agencies to bring about universal disarmament, full respect of human rights, political and social equity and cooperation with all people as the only way to achieve permanent peace based on justice and freedom;
  2. Have a clear vision of what WILPF wishes to achieve as a women’s and a feminist organisation and to build on individual goals while encompassing a holistic perspective;
  3. Respond creatively to the demands placed on women by our society and find ways to work with all women to achieve WILPF’s vision for a peaceful world;
  4. Work for the fair distribution of the world’s resources to meet the basic needs of all;
  5. Nurture one another in their efforts to live and model peace, building real communities as the basis of security;
  6. Strive to end all use of violence and military solutions;
  7. Learn to harness the power of the individual and therefore her contribution;
  8. Respect human dignity and therefore each other’s reality and work;
  9. Include, welcome and appreciate all WILPF women and their work, regardless of any differences.
  10. Avoid all negative actions towards each other; be supportive, compassionate and frank in a non-confrontational manner, in the way they deal with one another;
  11. Help WILPF to be democratic in its process and structure;
  12. Meet challenges in a dynamic and courageous manner;
  13. Ensure that WILPF has a strong conflict resolution process incorporated in its culture and be a learning organisation in which an ethos of reflection, evaluation and enlightened action
  14. can flourish;
  15. Work proficiently and effectively in decision making and priority setting and create an environment that is fun and nurturing;
  16. Endeavour to make WILPF financially secure so that it can be effective in initiating and implementing projects and collaborating with other like-minded NGOs.