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Members’ Seminars

Members’ Seminars

Financial Illiteracy

The lack of financial-digital literacy exists in pockets of populations globally. In countries such as the UK, it can be seen in women from lower socio-economic backgrounds, the elderly population, and more, and it exposes people to higher risks of fraud and mismanagement of personal funds. In addition to this, with changing and advancing technology, rising cyber threats and inadequate education provided in schools, the general population is not equipped to make sound financial decisions.

Women & Peacebuilding in Cyprus

In this seminar, four activists and experts from Cyprus, all members of an intercommunal women’s organisation named Hands Across the Divide, to learn about women and peacebuilding in Cyprus; its history, past and present activities, and the women, peace and security agenda in Cyprus, and have a discussion on how women in the UK and Cyprus can work together to promote women’s rights and gender equality building peaceful and sustainable societies.