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Meeting with WILPF International!

Last month a small group of Executive members and Eliza our part time administrator enjoyed the opportunity of meeting in the office in London with our International WILPF President (Sylvie Ndongmo), Vice President (Melissa Tores), Deputy Secretary General (Laila Alodaat) and Membership Manager (Jenny Aulin). They were all in London for a meeting of the International Board.

In a relaxed meeting Sylvie shared with us how the Board had melded together to form an effective working team. They are now working on a layer of underpinning policy documents, e.g. an updated Code of Conduct. They are also exploring a care policy, to ensure that people do not get burned out trying to juggle with multiple tasks and expectations. As elected representatives, the International Board wants to serve all country sections, responding to their needs and being accountable to them. They are also working to re-establish YoungWILPF, which is for members up to 35 years of age.

Our Secretary Paula was very proud to be able to escort Sylvie to the weekly vigil of Women in Black in London and she told me how moving she had found it and we hope WiB will spread further to the African Sections. She gave her a copy of the brilliant “Women in Black Against Violence, For Peace with Justice” by Cynthia Cockburn and Sue Finch.  

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