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London WILPF at Lush

Over the 15th – 17th September London WILPF were invited to spend the weekend at Lush’s Oxford Street branch in London. This was a unique opportunity for us to engage with the public on our campaigns and the work that we do whilst also being able to fundraise. 100% of proceeds from Lush’s Charity Pot were donated to WILPF and by the end of the weekend we had raised over £1000!

Our fantastic campaigners did a wonderful job of engaging with a diverse crowd, attracted by Lush’s popular handmade ethical products. This was an opportunity for us to spread the word about issues around gender, peace and human rights to people who hadn’t heard of WILPF at the start of their shopping trip, but who left inspired and curious about our work. Some even left their details keen to keep in touch with us.

Members of the public were especially interested in the Voices of African Women and were heartened to learn that London WILPF has a strong platform representing women from across the world.

We thank Lush for providing us with a space to reach out to members of the public, for this fantastic fundraising opportunity, and for their outstanding members of staff.

(London WILPF members at our Lush Stall)

Miriam Karmali

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