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Jubilee Debt Coalition event on 29th September in Birmingham

There will be a Jubilee Debt Coalition event on 29th September in Birmingham.

You can book your tickets by clicking here (Biletto) or here (Eventbrite). Some people are choosing to add all of their donation on to one ticket and then getting a free one (because Biletto charges a fee). They ask people to give a donation of £2-7 (dependent on income) to help cover costs. Lunch, for example, will cost at the very least £5 per head to put on in addition to the cost of booking the room etc.

Please be aware that ticketing will be sent out to the wider national email list in a couple of weeks time so to be sure of your place, please do book a ticket.

Secondly, please let them/us know if you were hoping to volunteer or have a special role on the day. Some voluntary roles will be stuff like helping to put the lunch out and cleaning up afterwards, whilst others might involve having to do a bit more coordination/herding of people. Most roles shouldn’t take up more than an hour of the day.

They will be assigning roles/people in mid/late August, so please let them/us know over the next few weeks if you would be interested in helping.

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