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Join us at ‘No safe hands for unsafe weapons’.

Saturday 9th December we will be at the ‘No safe hands for unsafe weapons’ demo, hosted by the CND and Medacat, and you should join us!! This will take place outside of the MoD, in London, to coincide with the Nobel Ceremony weekend.

The Nobel Peace Prize went to ICAN earlier this year, after international efforts to commence multilateral negotiations to ban nuclear weapons took a landmark turn this summer. This will be a great opportunity to therefore celebrate ICAN’s winning of the prize!!

As part of this demo,  we will also hold a die-in to demonstrate the huge potential costs of nuclear weapons.

The day’s itinerary will be as follows:

Meet at 10.30 am outside the Main entrance at the Ministry of Defence in warm clothes.
11 am Ceremony with mock up of Nobel peace Prize
11.20-11.35 Speeches from Bruce Kent, Sheila Triggs and others
11.35 Letter is handed in
11.45-12.30 Die in – pretend to be dead – there will be others acting as doctors and nurses being dead too – showing impact of nuclear bomb.
You can find out more at the Facebook event’s page or on the CND’s website.
Hope to see you on the 9th!!


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