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Has your MP signed ICAN’s Parliamentary Pledge?

Has your MP signed the Parliamentary pledge to ban Nuclear weapons?

As of 8th February, according to ICAN UK, 54 MPs have now signed ICAN’s Parliamentary Pledge for The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This is a great start, but we need to encourage more to do so!!

You can download the pledge here, and if your MP is not on the list you can also download our sample Pledge letter for MPs urging them to sign it too.

See if you MP is one of those who has already signed up below:

Hannah Bardell MP – SNP
Mhairi Black MP -SNP
Ian Blackford MP – SNP
Kirsty Blackman MP _SNP
Deidre Brock MP -SNP
Alan Brown MP -SNP
Ruth Cadbury MP – Labour
Douglas Chapman MP -SNP
Joanna Cherry MP -SNP
Ronnie Cowan MP – SNP
Angela Crawley MP – SNP
Martyn Day MP -SNP
David Drew MP -SNP
Martin Docherty-Hughes MP – SNP
Jonathan Edwards MP – Plaid Cymru
Marion Fellows MP – SNP
Paul Flynn MP – Labour 
Stephen Gethins MP – SNP
Patricia Gibson MP_ SNP
Patrick Grady MP – SNP
Peter Grant MP- SNP
Neil Gray MP – SNP
John Grogan MP – Labour 
Helen Hayes MP – Labour 
Drew Hendry MP – SNP
Kelvin Hopkins MP – Labour 
Stewart Hosie MP – SNP
Ben Lake MP- Plaid Cymru
Chris Law MP – SNP
David Linden MP – SNP
Caroline Lucas MP – Green
Stewart Mcdonald MP – SNP
Stuart McDonald MP – SNP
John McNally MP – SNP
Angus Brendan MacNeil MP – SNP
Baroness Sue Miller – House of Lords
Carol Monaghan MP – SNP
Ian Murray MP -Labour 
Gavin Newlands MP- SNP
Brendan O’Hara MP- SNP
Liz Saville Roberts MP – Plaid Cymru
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP – Labour
Tommy Sheppard MP – SNP
Alex Sobel MP – Labour  
Christopher Stephens MP -SNP
Jo Stevens MP – Labour 
Alison Thewliss MP – SNP
Thelma Walker MP – Labour  
Catherine West MP – Labour 
Philippa Whitford MP – SNP
Hywel Williams MP – Plaid Cymru
Peter Wishart MP- SNP
Mohammad Yasin MP – Labour 

2 thoughts on “Has your MP signed ICAN’s Parliamentary Pledge?

  1. In St Albans CND we would like to build new links with WILPF for the many supportive women members in our group .We are looking for a speaker on issues in Ukraine and wondered if you have any one available to speak not just on this but on WILPF’s efforts generally to raise awareness of the dangers and opportunities for peace activism presented by the current crises in Europe and Middle East. A general feeling with us is where next will a dreadful war erupt, Africa, South America and how much is unreported?

    1. Admin assistance says:

      You should have received an email from our secretary. We have now got a webinar scheduled for Monday 30th October at 6pm with Yuliya Yurchenko, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at University of Greenwich, who will bee presenting a feminist approach to post-war recovery in Ukraine. The secretary can share the zoom link with you if requested.

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