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Happy New Year!

As we approach 2015, we are deeply mindful of the women who found their way, against all odds, to The Hague 100 years ago to demand an end to the carnage of the First World War. Their vision was simple, yet it drew on an analysis of the root causes of conflict that was, and remains, complex, interconnected and a constant challenge to us all.

When many of us, from the UK and global WILPF, sisters travel to The Hague in April,  we will renew our hope for the values and principles we hold dear. We will seek to build even stronger connections, not just with other WILPF members but also with organisations that share our belief that conflict, war and inequality is not inevitable.  We will seek to identify what unites us – women, men and children – and to find further ways of addressing and repairing what divides us. We will learn from experts – grassroots organisations and individuals – whose perspectives are crucial. We will learn from those who dedicate their work to examining the structural causes of violence and inequality.  We will endeavour to strengthen our ability to interact with and influence the United Nations and play our part in reforming it. We will strengthen our capacity to resist those governments, corporations and other power interests who work in the interests of profit, not people.

Simply, we will connect in a meaningful way to do what we can to honour and progress the work of our global movement to stop war.

I hope we can do whatever it takes to ensure as many WILPF members as possible reach The Hague in April 2015. I look forward to seeing many of you there and to ending our Centenary year wiser, stronger and ever more influential.

Lorraine Mirham
Vice President, WILPF
UK International Board Member

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