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Connecting two years of war in Ukraine with non-violent feminist perspectives – catch up and learn more

Last week, in March we hosted a joint webinar with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) Scotland to commemorate two years of the war in Ukraine through a discussion of non-violent alternatives. Below, you can rewatch the webinar and take a look at the resources shared by one of our speakers, Almut.

The devastation visited on Ukraine is shocking. The suffering, lives lost, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, gender-based violence, destruction of infrastructure, environmental degradation, food insecurity, destruction of families, homes, livelihoods and communities are appalling. The economic effects of the war on Ukraine are incalculable. The threat of a nuclear holocaust is real, with its catastrophic consequences for the future of our world. The reckless rhetoric and grandstanding of militarism and the absence of any meaningful efforts at diplomacy cannot deliver lasting peace and security. Strategic and political differences must be addressed by observing international law and through mediation to reach a negotiated settlement. And women activists are pushing harder than ever to have their voices heard. We seek a different future, we seek peace-building solutions… connecting to a community who want to make a change.

Almut Rochowanski, WILPF Austria, is an independent activist who has been working in the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine and Russia, for many years, particularly with women’s groups on issues of conflict and civil society development.

Barrie Hebb is an economist, academic and consultant working with a range of NGOs, agencies, institutes and foundations, who has lived in Ukraine for over eight years and has both direct and scholarly knowledge of the impact of war and other crises on Ukrainian society.

Recommended Resources:

Analysis/recommendation of how Ukraine can/should continue to fight long-term:

Expert opinion on how (contrary to the above), Ukraine cannot win militarily:

The many impacts of war – landmines and soil toxicity:;

To talk or not to talk: Rhetoric or real escalation?:

A reminder about nuclear war:

One of the most persistent advocates for negotiations:

Connect Webinar:

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