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Connect Series

Connect Series

Welcome to our Connect Series! During these unprecedented times, we wanted to make sure that all members of the Wilpf UK community felt there was a safe space available to discuss various topics. Please reach out to for more information.

Series 1

Watch our first Connect Series session! This session was held on Thursday 18th June and features discussion by Wilpf UK Members Sheila Triggs, Taniel Yusef, Jenny Engledow and Maki Kimura.

Series 4

This Connect Series focuses on XR Peace, Climate Emergency, Militarism and Our Environment. Guest speakers include Dr. Reb Eleanor Johnson, Janet Fenton, and Jenny Engledow.

Series 2

Connect Series 2 took place on Monday 22nd June and featured Taniel Yusef, Verity Coyle, and Elizabeth Minor. This session focuses on disarmament and feminist economics. Bios and resources attached below!

Series 3

Connect Series 3 was on 30th June and focused on Women, Peace, and Security. guest speakers included Eva Tabbasam, Diana María Salcedo López, and Sylvie Jacqueline Ndongmo.