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Anne as remembered by Paula Shaw

UK WILPF is not the same without Anne.

I have only been active in WILPF for the last 4 years but during that time Anne and I worked very
closely, and I always felt safer and happier when Anne advised me.

She was so approachable, warm, sensible, funny, witty and just wonderful. We used to joke about
the amount of emails we sent each other whilst she was Secretary and I was Treasurer, but I so miss
that now.

In May this year Anne stayed with me in London before we went to the Executive meeting on the
Saturday and we both stayed up very late as we had so much to talk about (the glasses of wine
helped!) and we found we had so much in common.

We agreed we would repeat this but in June she had the horrendous diagnosis and by the end of July
she had died. I know everyone will miss her, but nobody had time to take in the news or to say
goodbye. I am glad Anne did not suffer pain for a long time, BUT I so wish I could have seen her
again and I miss her so much.

I am sorry I cannot attend the celebration of her life on August 23 rd, but I will be thinking of her and
will raise a glass to her memory.

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