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Attend Jubilee Debt Coalition’s event in September

Join The Jubilee Debt Coalition for their national event in Birmingham on 29th September to celebrate 20 years since their Jubilee 2000 campaign. 
The Jubilee Debt Coalition is an international campaign, founded in 1996, which campaigns for debt remission. UK WILPF has long been involved with this campaign, with WILPF women joining the tens of thousands strong human chain in Birmingham 20 years ago to call for debt cancellation as part of the Jubilee 2000 campaign.
The Jubilee Debit Coalition is holding a national event in Birmingham on 29th September, as part of the 20th anniversary of the 1998 chain. There will be a workshop, speeches, city-centre stunts as well as food and refreshment.
To register for the event contact, say that you are a WILPF woman and Margaret Turner told you about the event, or click here to download their online form. 
Margaret used to attend the meetings for us, she is now no longer able to. If anyone else is interested in taking over, please get in touch!

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