Let us stop the war in Syria – WILPF Italy

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Let us refuse to be again victims of numerous manipulations which feed us with enemies.  Once again a “cynical use of chemical weapons” is trying to get us into a war without exit. Let us also reject the instrumentalisation of children by media. Children are always the first innocent victims of all the wars and all the kind of weapons, including depleted uranium which has been used without talking sufficiently about. Is the scandal of the use of chemical weapons in the 2nd Iraq war not enough? Are we not aware of the use of the same cliché in this context? Let us reappropriate of our critical thinking. Who benefits of this situation?  Assad or the merchants of death? Syria is a country where big and dangerous interests clash which are spreading just desperation, destruction and death among the people of this tortured land. We are shocked and scandalised to hear the voices of a great majority of European parliamentarians, through the mouth of  Mrs Mogherini,  high representative of the EU foreign and security politics. This was justifying totally the position of Donald Trump “you can only respond to an act of war with an act of war”, of course this did not mean escalation. What a shame-this kind of submission to Nato und the USA! Is this the beginning of ”Another Europe” of peace, the refusal of war and weapons requested by the men and women in the streets of Europe at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the treaty of Rome? A Europe that stands against violence and for freedom and secularism? as asked by the women from the European sections of WILPF during their meeting in Rome under the slogan:” United to change Europe, for a peaceful Europe in a peaceful world”? Let’s get indignant against the use of our territory as strategic basis for the war. Let’s claim the implementation of art 11 of our constitution which forbids war and let’s request respect for international law. Let’s re-appropriate the original notion of the United Nations to assure and promote peace and let us refuse the role of NATO which has become a pure nuclear alliance under the command of the US and where Europe has delegated secretly its own security politics. Let’s engage for a just and sustainable peace in Syria and the Middle East. Statement issued by WILPF...

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UK NGOs: Government is on wrong side of history boycotting ban negotiations

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WILPF UK has joined many other NGOs to protest the government’s current position on the UN treaty negotiations currently taking place in New York regarding the banning of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have catastrophic consequences both for humanity and the environment, and WILPF believes that women in particular are impacted and disadvantaged by nuclear arms races, to say nothing of nuclear conflict. The UK government must take a stronger position – ANY position – in these negotiations. Sitting them out is not an option! Click through to read the the statement written by ICAN and signed and endorsed by WILPF UK and WILPF Scotland: ICAN...

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WILPF Cornwall upcoming events

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WILPF Cornwall branch has two events coming up and they want to see YOU there.   The Trials of Spring film screening – with Amnesty International A powerful film by Gini Reticker, set in Egypt during the uprisings. The film shows the courage and persistent determination of women in their quest for Women’s Rights amidst a background of molestation, abuse and torture. Following the film there will be a question and answer session with the participation of three women peace/human rights activists from the region. The Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn March 18th 2017 – 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm Free Event – Donations welcome ~ refreshments ~ Contact Amnesty amnesty.penzance@gmail.com ~ 07974 000747 Contact WILPF brigittemorrigan@talktalk.net ~ 07502 465460   Penzance Peace Singers Songs of peace and reconcilation, solidarity, resistance and resilience. Raising our voices in harmony for peace, justice and the environment Nurturing respect for equality and diversity at the heart of our local community and further afield. All voices most welcome! We meet the fourth Saturday of each month in the rooms of Hypatia Trust Penzance. In four consecutive weeks we are inviting to the screening of four of the five films ‘Women War and Peace’, raising awareness of how women experience war, inviting a discussion afterwards. Interested? Show up and see if it resonates with you! Contact Bridget with your questions: brigittemorrigan@talktalk.net  ...

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WILPF calls for feminist, progressive UN Secretary General

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The leader of the United Nations must be the embodiment of “We the People”. The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) campaigned for the formation, the strengthening and reform of the United Nations because of our belief in non- violence, disarmament, equality, dialogue and the principles of the UN Charter. WILPF advocates for the next Secretary-General (to take office in January 2017) to be a progressive feminist leader who delivers a feminist agenda for peace, global diplomacy and conflict prevention. After eight male Secretaries-General, it is time for a woman to hold the position of Secretary-General. Advocating for a Secretary-General to lead a feminist agenda is not the same as advocating for a woman as Secretary-General. We do demand both. It is time. Read the rest of the...

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Trade Justice Movement comments on Brexit; WILPF is a member of the Movement

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The full statement, online from the Trade Justice Movement here, concludes by stating, “The fight for trade justice is now more important than ever. The Trade Justice Movement will be working with members and allies to develop a clear, progressive vision for UK trade and investment policy. Organisations and activists alike know that the foundations for this lie in the genuine participation of the people who will be affected by these deals and of their political representatives. It also means addressing the huge power imbalances that exist between communities and corporations and between negotiating partners. Finally, it means putting trade at the service of poverty reduction, the protection of human rights and of the...

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