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WILPF UK AGM, 4 May, London

Voices of African Women: 10th Anniversary, 23 February, SOAS, London

Join us in Brighton to take action against EDO MBM, 20 February, Brighton

Peace Vigil to Celebrate International Women’s Day, 2nd March, Norwich

‘These Dangerous Women’ screening, 6 March, LSE Library, London



TPNW, the need for the UK sign to sign, how and why, 24 November, London

WILPF UK Cornwall Branch – Reclaim the Night! 23 November, London

No More War, Let’s Make Peace Happen, 11 November, London

Jubilee Debt Coalition event, 29 September, Birmingham

Nae Nukes Rally, 22 September, Faslane Peace Camp, Scotland

NFLA / Mayors for Peace / ICAN joint Seminar, 20 September, Clydebank Town Hall, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

UK WILPF Lobby Training Day, 8 September, Manchester

WILPF 32nd International Congress, 20 – 22 August, Accra, Ghana

Orprington 2018 Garden Party, 21 July, Orpington

Brighton Campaign Against the Arms Trade Film Showing, 26 June, Brighton

NFLA English Forum spring seminar, 15 June, Oxford

HOPE in the age of Trump and North Korea, 2 June, West London

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, 15 May, London

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, 15 May, Brighton

How to Build a Feminist Online Campaign, 2 May, London

2018 Connect Day, 15 April, London

UK WILPF 2018 AGM , – 14 April, London

Workshop on campaigning for UK to ratify the TPNW, – 7 April, London

Join us at the Million Women Rise March  – 10 March, Noon, London

UK WILPF at Women in Black’s evening vigil– 7 March, 6pm, London



Christmas at Trafalgar Square – 7 December, London

‘No safe hands for unsafe weapons’ demo– 9 December, London

UK WILPF 2017 Autumn Seminar, Voice of Refugee Women– 25 November, London

Join us at FiL Conference  – 15 and 14 October, London

Meet UK WILPF at SOAS in celebration of Cynthia Cockburn – 15 October, London

Meet UK WILPF at CND 2017 Conference – 15 and 14 October, London

Meet us at Lush Oxford St 15 September – 17 September, London

Walk for Peace 21 September 2017, London

Women’s March 21 January 2017, London.

Gender matters in international peacekeeping – 19 November in London

WILPF UK Bristol presents #BristolFemaleLeaders – 19 November in Bristol.

The International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women – 11am – 1pm, 25 November in Brighton.

Reclaim the Night  – 25 November in Cornwall.



Remembrance Day White Peace Poppy Wreath-Laying. 13 November 2016 in Brighton.

WILPF and Voices of African Women on Women, Peace and Security in the D.R Congo. 1 November in London.

Women Against Weapons exhibition. Edinburgh. Until 1 October 2016

London Branch re-launch 21 September 2016: “There is never a military solution to problems of conflict.”

WILPF Cornwall’s 16 July 2016 event: “Invaluable information and unforgettable speakers.”


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