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Orpington Branch previous events

Branch meeting on Tuesday, 21st November, 2.00 pm Orpington Library

We are looking forward to hearing Hilary Tyrrell talk about the “Plight of Bedouin Citizens in Israel”.  If you missed this when Hilary gave the talk to our London Branch, this is a second chance to hear it!


Get Together on Friday 1st December at the home of Sheila Triggs,  (Ring 01689 837 848 for details)

We will have a pre-Christmas get together and tea party on Friday 1st December.  Come from about 2.30pm when we are planning to make Japanese folded paper cranes, symbols of peace.  These are to go to the Parliament Building in Edinburgh, and the organisers are hoping to have enough cranes to represent one for each person killed in the Hiroshima atomic bombing in 1945.


Garden Party July 2017:

The highlight of our summer in 2017 was our Annual Garden Party, and although we have often enjoyed good weather for these events, on this occasion the heavens opened just as we were about to hear Clare Conboy from the Acronym Institute tell us about the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons!  We crammed together in a circular gazebo and tried to ignore the drips.  In fact, we had a very good discussion on the issues, before we adjourned to the house for our famous delicious refreshments, and a look at the various items available for sale, and enjoyed a chance to chat.


Stall in Orpington High Street

A stall in Orpington High Street drew the attention of the public to the new Test Ban Treaty which is now open or signature by governments.  We need to pressurise our government on this


Orpington WILPF Garden Party – Saturday 16 July at 2.00pm at Sheila Trigg’s house 

Our speaker will be Mia Tamarin, talking about ‘The Israel/Palestine Conflict & Peace Activism – Reflections of an Israeli Conscientious Objector’. See poster for additional details.



STOP TRIDENT demonstrationSaturday 27 February 2016
Assemble 12 noon on the Marble Arch island at the north side of Hyde Park. We shall have WILPF banners and placards to lead a women’s bloc in the march to Trafalgar Square. We shall leave the island to join the demo after 12.30 pm


Branch AGM – Tuesday 23 February 2016
We held our annual general discussion and planning meeting in the Market Room of the Orpington Library.


Mobilising for the forthcoming STOP TRIDENT demonstration – Saturday 6 February 2016
Orpington WILPF joined with Orpington CND to mobilise support for the up-coming STOP TRIDENT Rally and Demonstration on Saturday 27 February. Over 400 STOP TRIDENT postcards were distributed by our volunteers and signatures were collected for a petition against the planned renewal of Trident Nuclear Weapons system.