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Donate to help WILPF UK continue its work

WILPF UK relies on the work of volunteers and donations to help with the organisation’s running costs, particularly in maintenance of an office. Your donation would be much appreciated and will enable us to continue with our work for international peace and freedom on behalf of women everywhere.

There are several ways of donating to WILPF UK:

  • Post a cheque made payable to WILPF UK to the WILPF UK office at 52-54 Featherstone Street, London EC1Y 8RT
  • Donate via PayPal online here Small Donate Button
  • Donate by Bank Transfer to the Co-operative Bank, sort code 08-92-99, Account No. 65107074.  If you choose to donate this way please tell us by sending an email to

However, if you decide to help UK WILPF, your donation is much appreciated. Because of our campaigning work WILPF UK cannot be a charity, and so gift aid does not apply to donations to WILPF UK.  There is a WILPF Charitable Trust which must work as a separate entity to comply with the law.

The WILPF Charitable Trust and the Mary Alys International Travel Fund

The WILPF Charitable Trust is a registered charity supporting human rights work. The Trust also administers the  Mary Alys international travel fund, which was set up following Mary’s death to support the costs of travel (to international WILPF meetings and events) for members in countries less well off than the UK.

Mary was deeply committed to WILPF and particularly the work that can be achieved by bringing women together from all over the globe and from different backgrounds to study, share and make known the causes of conflict – so important for ensuring women’s voices are heard.

Following our 100th Anniversary in April 2015, WILPF is continuing to facilitate a truly global discussion and to look for ways to make changes and address the issues, whether economic justice, disarmament, environmental, social or political.

There is so much to do, and we have women in Sections all over the world who can shape this work. We appeal to you for support. If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation is worth up to 25% more* and is a tremendous boost of funds for WILPF.

Contact the Trust at 12 Bishop Street, Leicester, LE1 6AF, email

Thank you,
The WILPF Trust

*Please tell us if you wish your donation to be processed for Gift Aid at no extra cost to you.