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2015 news

December 2015

Three ways to fundraise for WILPF. 13 December 2015


November 2015

COP 21: WILPF urges governments to commit to ambitious targets. 30 November 2015

No peace without equality: end violence against women and girls. 24 November 2015

WILPF Secretary General Madeleine Rees is giving the 2015 Chrystal Macmillan lecture at Edinburgh University22 November 2015

Letter to send to MPs: Where are the women in Syrian peace negotiations? 19 November 2015

Climate change, environment and militarism: book now for Autumn Seminar on 14 November.


October 2015

Global Study: Interview with WILPF General Secretary, Madeleine Rees14 October 2015

Ban Autonomous Lethal Weapons Systems9 October 2015

European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Stop TTIP campaign press release on handing in over 3 million signatures7 October 2015

Say NO to drones2015 week of action (4-11 Oct)4 October 2015


September 2015

ICAN reports on Scottish WILPF “elimination of nuclear weapons” event. 30 September 2015

International day of peace. UK WILPF asks government to place gender equality at heart of every agenda21 September 2015

UK WILPF urges government: More action on refugee crisis17 September 2015

Time to shift priorities: Stop the Arms Fair9 September 2015

UK WILPF urges government to act for Middle East peace: arms sale embargo, diplomatic efforts and no military action2 September 2015


August 2015

The World Must Act to Stop Syria’s Suffering20 August 2015

UK WILPF marks the 70th anniversary of the first use of an atomic bomb in armed conflict6 August 2015


July 2015

Debate Trident replacement in Parliament8 July 2015

Join us in the week of mobilisation against corporate impunity6 July 2015


June 2015

No TTIP! WILPF demands fair trade based on human rights, democratic principles and social, economic, gender and climate justice8 June 2015

WILPF UK calls on the government – address root causes of child suffering in armed conflict1 June 2015. International Children’s Day


May 2015


April 2015

Violence is not inevitable. It is a choice. WILPF adopts new manifesto at Centenary Congress. 23 April 2015

Spend money on welfare, not warfare: UK WILPF statement on the Global Day of Action against Military Spending 13 April 2014

This is what a feminist foreign policy looks like 2 April 2015


March 2015

These Dangerous Women – film now online March 27 2015

We are pleased to have a special day that offers a positive against a negative; that says we’re for something as well as against. That counter-poses the power of soft to the power of hard. Read our Statement on Fly Kites, Not Drones Day 21 March 2015

Help us deliver a parliament committed to fundamental change in the way states conceptualise and address issues of gender, militarism, peace and security. WILPF UK’s 2015 Election Manifesto 14 March 2015

Scrap Trident Coalition announce Nicola Sturgeon to head the platform at the George Square, Glasgow rally on 4 April.  11 March 2015

Our thoughts are with women around the world, especially those surviving conflict and violence on International Women’s Day 6 March 2015

Shop with Give As You Live this Mother’s Day, 15 March, and raise funds for WILPF  4 March 2015

UK WILPF’s 2015 AGM programme – Saturday 14 March 2015

February 2015

Sign the Pledge to Vote No to Trident Replacement 20 February 2015

Protect human rights from transnational companies – sign the WILPF petition 9 February 2015

January 2015

Wrap Up Trident – Westminster demonstration 26 January 2015

Address root causes of conflict – WILPF International statement on the attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo 20 January 2015

Happy New Year – message from Lorraine Mirham, UK WILPF’s International Board Member and WILPF International Vice-President  4 January 2015

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