Voices of African Women (VoAW) is a UK WILPF campaign which is led by diaspora African women.

VoAW delegates at WILPF's 2015 centenary Congress

VoAW UK delegates at WILPF’s 2015 centenary Congress

The work of V0AW developed from listening to the issues that diaspora, refugee and immigrant African women were raising un the UK, and joining together to raise our voices at the UK national and at international levels.

The VoAW campaign works within the campaigning framework of WILPF International:

  • Peace Women
  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) and related legislation
  • The Maputo Protocol and the Rights of Women in Africa
  • We monitor submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council and presentations made at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
  • We campaign around the WILPF Reaching Critical Will (RCW) disarmament programme by monitoring and supporting the Arms Trade Treaty process and raising awareness of the root causes and consequences of armed conflict in Africa.

Our demands of the United Kingdom and African governments include:

  • An end to support for oppressive regimes and a call for effective governance by African governments
  • An end to the proliferation of small arms, light weapons and foreign military bases on African soil
  • Implementation of UN SCR 1325 and UN SCR 1820 ‘Women, Peace and Security’
  • Action to end sexual violence in armed conflict
  • National Consultations with civil society women’s organisations before the national laws of African countries affecting women are passed
  • An end to the exploitation of African natural resources by multinational corporations and the role this plays in fuelling armed conflict and the destruction of our environmental and ecosystems
  • Supply of and improvement to healthcare and educations provision
  • Implementation of legal frameworks for the rights and participation of women
Marie-Lyse Numuhoza with newly unveiled statue of WILPF founder, Aletta Jacobs. Centenary Congress, 1915

Marie-Lyse Numuhoza with newly unveiled statue of WILPF founder, Aletta Jacobs. Centenary Congress, 2015

On the 1st of November WILPF and VoAW had a very successful series of events highlighting the situation for women, peace and security in the D.R. Congo. Read more about the event here.


The VoAW meet regularly in London – want to join us?

Contact ukwilpf.peace@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.