UK NGOs: Government is on wrong side of history boycotting ban negotiations

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WILPF UK has joined many other NGOs to protest the government’s current position on the UN treaty negotiations currently taking place in New York regarding the banning of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have catastrophic consequences both for humanity and the environment, and WILPF believes that women in particular are impacted and disadvantaged by nuclear arms races, to say nothing of nuclear conflict. The UK government must take a stronger position – ANY position – in these negotiations. Sitting them out is not an option! Click through to read the the statement written by ICAN and signed and endorsed by WILPF UK and WILPF Scotland: ICAN...

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Peace and Freedom News

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WILPF has had a busy couple of months and it doesn’t look like we’ll be quieting down any time soon. Here’s some information about the great things we have been up to.   Alice Wheedon Vigil Feminists from around the country, including the great-granddaughters of Alice Wheedon, gathered on Friday 10 February at the Royal Courts of Justice to hold a vigil for Alice Wheedon. This event marked the centenary of Alice Wheeldon’s wrongful conviction on the charge of conspiring to poison the Prime Minister Lloyd George. One hundred years later, widespread police spying continues and the infiltration of campaigning groups is being exposed. This event had a great turnout and was covered in the media, including ITV news and the BBC.   Million Women Rise – 10th anniversary Million Women Rise is the biggest international women and girls march against male violence in all its forms. WILPF was honoured to take place in the 10th anniversary march, marching from Oxford St to Trafalar Square, joining a crowd of thousands to reject male violence. If you participated in the march and took any photos, please get in touch! We’d love to share them on our website.   Lush Summit On the 8th and 9th of February, WILPF was invited to be part of the LUSH Summit event aimed at bringing together activists of all stripes. Held at Tobacco Dock, the event was a great success attracting a diverse crowd of interested people looking to learn more about the work WILPF has been involved in over the last 100 years.  Surrounded by likeminded organisations, this was a fantastic opportunity for WILPF to be able to reach out to a diverse crowd and be able to gather more support for our activism, especially in the realm of nuclear disarmament. People were particularly interested in the gendered approach to international peacemaking and stopped to ask more about how gender inequality is perpetuated by conflict and vice versa. Rebecca Johnson and Helen Kidan both utilised this opportunity to speak about issues currently relevant to our organization. Helen Kidan, from the Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) addressed the situation in Eritrea and Rebecca focused on the up-coming UN negotiations for a Global Ban on nuclear weapons. The continuous support from LUSH has been instrumental in allowing WILPF to further increase its membership base in a dynamic and fun atmosphere, and we hope to be able to be involved in similar events in the future. Miriam Karmali  – London...

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Event in Norwich 4 March

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  Women in Hebron: A Palestinian Women’s Embroidery Cooperative Sat 4th March (Refreshments 10.00, talk  10.30 – 12.00), Friends Meeting House, Norwich, Upper Goat Lane, NR2 1EW.   You are warmly invited to attend this talk by Nawal Slemiah, founder of the Women in Hebron Embroidery Cooperative. Nawal will talk about the work of the cooperative and the current situation in Hebron. There’ll also be an opportunity to see, and buy , some of the work. Hand-made embroidery is a tradition of Palestinian women and the styles vary throughout the country.By maintaining this tradition the Women in Hebron are demonstrating the preservation of their culture in addition to generating economic independence for the cooperative.   More about their story, and examples of the work are at The talk is open to all and entry is FREE, but donations towards room hire & other costs will be welcome. Please share with your friends and colleagues, including any sewing or embroidery circles or contacts you have. This event is WILPF’s contribution to the week of International Women’s...

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WILPF AGM and Creative Women Peacemakers

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WILPF UK is holding our AGM on Saturday 8 April at 10.30am and we want you to be there! We will be meeting to discuss WILPF UK’s progress over the last year and ideas and resolutions for the future. Your opinion matters! Come and have a say in steering WILPF UK’s plans over the next year. The AGM will be followed by a lunch and an afternoon event exploring the role of creativity in fighting for peace. We will be watching a film, listening to inspiring music, poems and book readings, and participating in workshops to activate our creative sides. This is a great opportunity, not just to support the running of WILPF UK but to get to know other WILPF members and get inspired by the work they are doing. The AGM will run from 10.30am to 1pm, Creative Women Peacemakers from 2pm  until 4.30pm. Venue: Tindlemanor, 52/54 Featherstone St, EC1Y 8RT. Watch this space as we will soon be posting the agenda with more details of this exciting...

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Women Against Weapons exhibition: 100 years of campaigning for peace

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WILPF UK, Scottish Branch and Wool Against Weapons, Scotland jointly present the 100 years of campaigning for peace exhibition at the prestigious Scottish Story Telling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh. The exhibition runs from Friday 9 September to Saturday 1 October 2016, and there will be two events held during that time (see image...

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