Let us stop the war in Syria – WILPF Italy

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Let us refuse to be again victims of numerous manipulations which feed us with enemies.  Once again a “cynical use of chemical weapons” is trying to get us into a war without exit. Let us also reject the instrumentalisation of children by media. Children are always the first innocent victims of all the wars and all the kind of weapons, including depleted uranium which has been used without talking sufficiently about. Is the scandal of the use of chemical weapons in the 2nd Iraq war not enough? Are we not aware of the use of the same cliché in this context? Let us reappropriate of our critical thinking. Who benefits of this situation?  Assad or the merchants of death? Syria is a country where big and dangerous interests clash which are spreading just desperation, destruction and death among the people of this tortured land. We are shocked and scandalised to hear the voices of a great majority of European parliamentarians, through the mouth of  Mrs Mogherini,  high representative of the EU foreign and security politics. This was justifying totally the position of Donald Trump “you can only respond to an act of war with an act of war”, of course this did not mean escalation. What a shame-this kind of submission to Nato und the USA! Is this the beginning of ”Another Europe” of peace, the refusal of war and weapons requested by the men and women in the streets of Europe at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the treaty of Rome? A Europe that stands against violence and for freedom and secularism? as asked by the women from the European sections of WILPF during their meeting in Rome under the slogan:” United to change Europe, for a peaceful Europe in a peaceful world”? Let’s get indignant against the use of our territory as strategic basis for the war. Let’s claim the implementation of art 11 of our constitution which forbids war and let’s request respect for international law. Let’s re-appropriate the original notion of the United Nations to assure and promote peace and let us refuse the role of NATO which has become a pure nuclear alliance under the command of the US and where Europe has delegated secretly its own security politics. Let’s engage for a just and sustainable peace in Syria and the Middle East. Statement issued by WILPF...

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UK NGOs: Government is on wrong side of history boycotting ban negotiations

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WILPF UK has joined many other NGOs to protest the government’s current position on the UN treaty negotiations currently taking place in New York regarding the banning of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have catastrophic consequences both for humanity and the environment, and WILPF believes that women in particular are impacted and disadvantaged by nuclear arms races, to say nothing of nuclear conflict. The UK government must take a stronger position – ANY position – in these negotiations. Sitting them out is not an option! Click through to read the the statement written by ICAN and signed and endorsed by WILPF UK and WILPF Scotland: ICAN...

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WILPF Cornwall upcoming events

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WILPF Cornwall branch has two events coming up and they want to see YOU there.   The Trials of Spring film screening – with Amnesty International A powerful film by Gini Reticker, set in Egypt during the uprisings. The film shows the courage and persistent determination of women in their quest for Women’s Rights amidst a background of molestation, abuse and torture. Following the film there will be a question and answer session with the participation of three women peace/human rights activists from the region. The Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn March 18th 2017 – 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm Free Event – Donations welcome ~ refreshments ~ Contact Amnesty amnesty.penzance@gmail.com ~ 07974 000747 Contact WILPF brigittemorrigan@talktalk.net ~ 07502 465460   Penzance Peace Singers Songs of peace and reconcilation, solidarity, resistance and resilience. Raising our voices in harmony for peace, justice and the environment Nurturing respect for equality and diversity at the heart of our local community and further afield. All voices most welcome! We meet the fourth Saturday of each month in the rooms of Hypatia Trust Penzance. In four consecutive weeks we are inviting to the screening of four of the five films ‘Women War and Peace’, raising awareness of how women experience war, inviting a discussion afterwards. Interested? Show up and see if it resonates with you! Contact Bridget with your questions: brigittemorrigan@talktalk.net  ...

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Peace and Freedom News

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WILPF has had a busy couple of months and it doesn’t look like we’ll be quieting down any time soon. Here’s some information about the great things we have been up to.   Alice Wheedon Vigil Feminists from around the country, including the great-granddaughters of Alice Wheedon, gathered on Friday 10 February at the Royal Courts of Justice to hold a vigil for Alice Wheedon. This event marked the centenary of Alice Wheeldon’s wrongful conviction on the charge of conspiring to poison the Prime Minister Lloyd George. One hundred years later, widespread police spying continues and the infiltration of campaigning groups is being exposed. This event had a great turnout and was covered in the media, including ITV news and the BBC.   Million Women Rise – 10th anniversary Million Women Rise is the biggest international women and girls march against male violence in all its forms. WILPF was honoured to take place in the 10th anniversary march, marching from Oxford St to Trafalar Square, joining a crowd of thousands to reject male violence. If you participated in the march and took any photos, please get in touch! We’d love to share them on our website.   Lush Summit On the 8th and 9th of February, WILPF was invited to be part of the LUSH Summit event aimed at bringing together activists of all stripes. Held at Tobacco Dock, the event was a great success attracting a diverse crowd of interested people looking to learn more about the work WILPF has been involved in over the last 100 years.  Surrounded by likeminded organisations, this was a fantastic opportunity for WILPF to be able to reach out to a diverse crowd and be able to gather more support for our activism, especially in the realm of nuclear disarmament. People were particularly interested in the gendered approach to international peacemaking and stopped to ask more about how gender inequality is perpetuated by conflict and vice versa. Rebecca Johnson and Helen Kidan both utilised this opportunity to speak about issues currently relevant to our organization. Helen Kidan, from the Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) addressed the situation in Eritrea and Rebecca focused on the up-coming UN negotiations for a Global Ban on nuclear weapons. The continuous support from LUSH has been instrumental in allowing WILPF to further increase its membership base in a dynamic and fun atmosphere, and we hope to be able to be involved in similar events in the future. Miriam Karmali  – London...

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Keeping women’s contributions alive: reflections from the Newcastle Peace Conference

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By Helen Kay, Scotland branch Two Centuries of Peacemaking: From the Peace Society to Martin Luther King: Report from Conference in Newcastle 7-8 June 2016 Women might have disappeared from the debates and discussions completely at this conference, if women had not been there to present papers on different aspects of WILPF history. “Were British and German peacewomen able to continue their relationship during World War One” was the subject discussed by Helen Kay of WILPF UK and Laurie Cohen of WILPF Austria. Using material published from 1915-1918 in the WILPF journal Internationaal and from the suffrage journal Jus Suffragii, Helen and Laurie showed that communication was not possible, not because the women were not interested but because of the repressive legislation in Germany, in Britain and throughout Europe. The women could not meet because passports were refused both in belligerent and neutral countries. Initially mail was delayed and delivered late but later printed material could not be sent overseas. Ingrid Sharp of Leeds University gave a good paper showing how WILPF women restored their international community post WWI. Equally impressive was a paper by Laura Beers. She presented an analysis of WILPF UK between the wars and explored the difference of opinions about how WILPF should react to communism and fascism. Of note is that there were fewer people at the session when the women spoke – typically the women attend men’s sessions about WWI but the same men do not want to know about the women’s history during the same period. Moreover, when talking about male peace organisations, the male historians linked the individual male activists to parliamentarians and how the individual peace activists influenced the parliamentarians. Women tended to explore the organisational activities rather than focus on individual personalitles! The final plenary was most interesting. American professor David Cortright, who started up the anti-war organisation ‘Serving soldiers against the Vietnam war’ has written a book called ‘Peace’.   He reckoned that there were so many US soldiers and sailors likely to mutiny over Vietnam, the Generals could not depend on them – and that is why latterly the main US offensive in Vietnam was bombing by the airforce. He talked a lot about the need for peace activists to be more aware and strategic in their campaigning. He said that he thinks that the higher level officers in the military are well-educated and are questioning the role of the military; thus he sees openings for peace activists to be involved in offering them mid-career courses for military involvement in promoting peace-building. ‘We need to start the conversation about what else we can do together, as bombing is obviously not...

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