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The weekend of 13th– 15th October 2017 saw the Institute of Education at UCL transformed into a hive of activity for the annual Feminism in London Conference (now called FiLiA). Over these two days, many interesting speakers discussed topics of high importance such as femicide, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse and the changing face of patriarchy. UK WILPF was delighted to attend FiLiA, to learn more about other like-minded feminist organisations and to see how we can work alongside them to magnify women’s voices. Our stall received a lot of interest, and we chatted to people about everything from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, to issues closer to home such as female representation in Parliament.  Photo of our stall (credit: Keyet Makonnen) The conference was a great opportunity for us to learn more about current issues, to get in touch with other women organisations and to disseminate information about our upcoming 2017 Autumn Seminar ‘Voices of Refugee Women’. Our stall offered us the possibility to raise awareness of WILPF international and UK WILPF’s work, to distribute WILPF t-shirts and badges and to discuss various issues with curious, interesting and interested women, from our WILPF logo (the famous Picasso drawing) and the issue of refugee women, to ICAN being awarded the Nobel Peace Price  earlier this year, among other topics.  UK WILPF merchandise on sale at our stall (credit: Keyet Makonnen) The weekend was also an opportunity to reflect on the progress feminists have made, looking at the legacy of our founders, ‘the dangerous women’, and other brave women. Equally, it was a chance to look forward, to see the challenges that remain for women both in the UK and elsewhere around the world. We hope to see you at our Seminar in November, and if not we hope to see you at Feminism in London next year!   Astrid Pertuisel (Views expressed in The Blog do not represent those of...

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London WILPF at Lush

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Over the 15th – 17th September London WILPF were invited to spend the weekend at Lush’s Oxford Street branch in London. This was a unique opportunity for us to engage with the public on our campaigns and the work that we do whilst also being able to fundraise. 100% of proceeds from Lush’s Charity Pot were donated to WILPF and by the end of the weekend we had raised over £1000! Our fantastic campaigners did a wonderful job of engaging with a diverse crowd, attracted by Lush’s popular handmade ethical products. This was an opportunity for us to spread the word about issues around gender, peace and human rights to people who hadn’t heard of WILPF at the start of their shopping trip, but who left inspired and curious about our work. Some even left their details keen to keep in touch with us. Members of the public were especially interested in the Voices of African Women and were heartened to learn that London WILPF has a strong platform representing women from across the world. We thank Lush for providing us with a space to reach out to members of the public, for this fantastic fundraising opportunity, and for their outstanding members of staff. (London WILPF members at our Lush Stall) Miriam Karmali (Views expressed in The Blog do not represent those of...

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We need YOUR help

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Two years ago we worked with The Clapham Film Unit, Charlotte Bill and community volunteers to make ‘These Dangerous Women’. This film marked the centenary of the 1915 International Women’s Congress, which gave rise to WILPF. Now, we together with The Clapham Film Unit have sent a new application to The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a project called “Women Peace Activists at Versailles 1919”. Charlotte Bill, working with Helen Kay, our historian, also now has the support of international WILPF members to make a new film and lead further research. The application with HLF is therefore at a critical stage. Despite receiving warm feedback regarding our application, HLF has told us that it only failed on “risk to delivery” due to inconsistencies in the plan. They said if we correct these specified inconsistencies and demonstrate “interest from the public outside of WILPF” it will be very likely to succeed. This is where YOU come in. We need non-WILPF members to show an interest in this project. For example if your organisation wants to show the finished film, or as the sign-up sheet suggests, are willing to be involved in the research, training and re-enactment activities. If as individuals or as an organisation, you feel able to complete the form ( that can be downloaded here) and return it to us this would help support our application. In peace and love, And THANK YOU,   UK WILPF...

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UK WILPF stands in solidarity with women in North and South Korea

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UK WILPF sends greetings and support for conciliation to all Women in both North and South Korea. Fear of the Other is really dangerous, especially when it is backed up by costly and very dangerous weapons. Money spent on armaments could so easily be re-used to improve the lives of women and families. We acknowledge that we have all been given a particular story about the beliefs and values of the West, which has been dominated by the discourse of capitalism and consumer culture. This has resulted in unequal distribution of the world’s resources and the dominance of profit. We seek a new sense of mutuality, based on the needs of our small planet and of our children’s right to grow up free from fear. We propose that we need time to talk to each other about what we do have in common, like children and love of our friends and good food, the value of nature and clean water and seas. We seek connections through art and music as it may avoid misunderstandings. We hope that women from both North and South Korea will work to connect with each other, as well as those women from other countries in the area which could be affected by nuclear conflict. We stand in solidarity with all women in the region. Established nation-bridging tools such as United Nations channels of communication, and new methods of peace building such as social media, can be used to create means of dialogue and bring us together.     Our own International President, Kozue Akibayashi, helped organise WomenCrossDMZ in 2015, highlighting the important role of women peace activists. A group of 30 women peacemakers walked across the demilitarised zone from North to South Korea, drawing global media attention to this ongoing situation in the Korean peninsula, and helping to revive and renew peace and solidarity movements in the region. Women, such as our WomenCrossDMZ sisters, have thus shown time and time again the power we hold by coming together in peace, women must therefore be part of the process to resolve this issue. We finally also propose for The Six-Party Talks to resume, which between 2003 and 2009 brought different nations to the negotiating table to peacefully find a way to resolve the security issues raised by North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme....

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Let us stop the war in Syria – WILPF Italy

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Let us refuse to be again victims of numerous manipulations which feed us with enemies.  Once again a “cynical use of chemical weapons” is trying to get us into a war without exit. Let us also reject the instrumentalisation of children by media. Children are always the first innocent victims of all the wars and all the kind of weapons, including depleted uranium which has been used without talking sufficiently about. Is the scandal of the use of chemical weapons in the 2nd Iraq war not enough? Are we not aware of the use of the same cliché in this context? Let us reappropriate of our critical thinking. Who benefits of this situation?  Assad or the merchants of death? Syria is a country where big and dangerous interests clash which are spreading just desperation, destruction and death among the people of this tortured land. We are shocked and scandalised to hear the voices of a great majority of European parliamentarians, through the mouth of  Mrs Mogherini,  high representative of the EU foreign and security politics. This was justifying totally the position of Donald Trump “you can only respond to an act of war with an act of war”, of course this did not mean escalation. What a shame-this kind of submission to Nato und the USA! Is this the beginning of ”Another Europe” of peace, the refusal of war and weapons requested by the men and women in the streets of Europe at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the treaty of Rome? A Europe that stands against violence and for freedom and secularism? as asked by the women from the European sections of WILPF during their meeting in Rome under the slogan:” United to change Europe, for a peaceful Europe in a peaceful world”? Let’s get indignant against the use of our territory as strategic basis for the war. Let’s claim the implementation of art 11 of our constitution which forbids war and let’s request respect for international law. Let’s re-appropriate the original notion of the United Nations to assure and promote peace and let us refuse the role of NATO which has become a pure nuclear alliance under the command of the US and where Europe has delegated secretly its own security politics. Let’s engage for a just and sustainable peace in Syria and the Middle East. Statement issued by WILPF...

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